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Monday, May 11, 2009

Western notes 2 Carnatic notes

There have been requests for adding western notation for songs on this blog. I'm pressed by the response, so I'm just presenting the mapping between western notes and carnatic swaras. Check back in a month or two, and you'd sure find the western notations for each song that I upload. The carnatic swaras are as follows:
  • s - Shadjamam
  • r1 - Sudhdha Rishabam
  • r2 - Chatusruthi Rishabam
  • r3 - Shatsruthi Rishabam
  • g1 - Sudhdha Gaandhaaram
  • g2 - Saadhaarana Gaandhaaram
  • g3 - Anthara Gaandhaaram
  • m1 - Sudhdha Madhyamam
  • m2 - Prathi Madhyamam
  • p - Panchamam
  • d1 - Sudhdha Dhaivatham
  • d2 - Chatusruthi Dhaivatham
  • d3 - Shatsruthi Dhaivatham
  • n1 - Sudhdha Nishaadham
  • n2 - Kaisika Nishaadham
  • n3 - Kaakali Nishaadham
And here's the mapping: (Resourse : Internet)

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