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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kannodu Kaanbathelam - Lyrics & keyboard notes

Jeans is a Romantic-Musical movie directed by Shankar with Prashanth and Aishwarya Rai Bachan in the lead role. This film is produced by Ashok Amirthraj, an ace Indian tennis player.Both hero and heroine has played a dual role in this movie,I think it is first of its kind. This film became the most expensive film to be made in India at the time.A particular song called "Athisayam" was Pictured in all the 7 wonders of the world(old) Despite receiving mixed reviews on the actors' performances and the basic storyline, the film became a major hit at the South Indian box office. Owing to its success, it was later dubbed into the Hindi and Telugu Languages and released with the same name. The film was nomitaed by India as its entry  for the Best foreign language film  for the Academy Awards in 1998.Rahman's musical composition of the film was described as "one of his best soundtracks", whilst Vairamuthu's "terrific lyrics" also stood in the song athisayam  and kannodu kaanbethellam. Nithyasree Mahadevan's voice is the added beauty to this classical song. 

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Anthi mazhai : Raaja Paarvai - Lyrics & Keyboard notes

Here comes the the similar post the as the previous one. But this time its gonna be  "Ulgana Nayagan"(Universal Hero) Kamala Hasan.Before I brief about about his 100th movie let me give you some facts about this flamboyant actor.His trajectory in the Indian film industry is one prototypical journey, where he started as a child artist, then continued as a romantic hero, and finally evolved into one of the best actors India has ever produced.Kamala Hasan made his film debut as a 6-year-old child artiste, in the film Kalathur Kannamma, which won him the National Filim Awars for best Child Artist.After that he acted in a series of movies with the legends of yester years Sivagi Ganesan,M.G.R and others.

His performance in the movie, Aboorva Raagangal as a rebellious youth was criticaly acclaimed.This great actor produced his 100th movie "Raaja Paarvai" with Madhavi as the female lead. It's basically a love story, that blossoms when a rich girl meets a talented blind violinist. Kamal as blind guy is incredible, and Madhavi looks celestial throughout this movie. Ilayaraja's haunting score along with SPB's vibrant voice elevates the film to a new plane.Some films just happen. This is one such film,probably ahead of its time. This film is very similar with that of Rajinikanth's 100th movie "Sri Ragavendra" Both dint do well in the boz office,inspite ofthe  good story backed by exemplary performance.When heros are trying  to carry different roles and  give out their best, why is that  people always look out the usual masala one? 

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Aadal kalaiye - Lyrics & Keyboard notes

For the first time in his film career, Rajinikanth has shed out his Super Star image to act like his Guru Lord Sri Ragavendra. Its very well known fact that Rajini is a strong devotee of lord Sri Ragavendra. So he intended to depict him in his 100th movie which was directed by K.Balachandar,who introduced Rajini to this filim faternity.This film describes the life of Sri Raghavendra which highlights some of the miracles, right from his birth till mahasamadhi (death) The soft,patient and dignified look of Rajini is a rare scene. Really I couldnt understand from where he got that Tejas? You believe it or not.When u think of lord Sri Ragavendra only his face will struck your mind,after seeing this movie.The mastro Ilayaraja has composed songs for this movie.oh... No one can review his music.Especially his devotional compositions are too good for all the good adjectives in the dictionary.The Aadal kaliye song is the first song of the adult ragavendrar in the movie,which is sung by Padma Bhushan K.J.Yesudas. This is one of the favourite song for most of the buding singers when it comes to reality music shows. Who can forget Ajeesh performance in the classical round of vijay tv's Airtel Super Singer

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Dance Pe chance - Lyrics & Keyboard notes

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is a Hindi romantic comedy, directed by Aditya Chopra with SRK and Anushka in the lead roles.You might have never expected to see SRK or the first poster of Rab ne Bana Di Jodi this way, it's truly awesome and has got so much of depth to it. The tag line of the movie goes "There is an Extra Ordinary Love Story in every Jodi".... which is catchy, funny and has a romantic feel to it.

Although most of us were expecting Shahrukh romancing Anushka in Switzerland in the first poster, the teaser is different and good too! Shahrukh is seen wearing a faded shirt, with a bad pair of trousers and completely awful shoes in this movie, probably his worst on-screen look till date.Music from Salim and Sulaiman didn;t create much impact.Because of the over expectation after the huge success of Chakde India,Bhoot, Matrubhoomi and Fashion, the duo has failed to prove their mantle. But its ok, one cannot expect to succeed all the time.Hope they will be back into business soon. 

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Kanden Kanden Kaathalai - Lyrics & Keyboard notes

In recent times many directors had understood that family based stories always have a soft corner among the movie buffs. After the huge success of Autograph, some of the directors has changed their way of filim making.  Now a days, the Support for the good tamil entertainers has never seen a dip. If you dont agree with me then I guess wouldn't be aware of the making of Autograph 2. Fine, let me give my  review about the movie Pirivom Santhipom. Its is directed by Karu Palniappan and the star cast includes Cheran and Sneha in the lead roles. 

This is the first time am concentrating in reviewing more of the story  than music because of its extra ordinary script. Though the film is not a debate on the  joint family culture, the director has beautifully brought in the importance of relationships in a person's life. The film also touches the turmoil that a wife undergoes without voicing out her opinions and placing her husband's likes and dislikes prior to her own, even if it means that she has to suppress her emotions and give up her likings.One aspect that is worth mentioning is that, this film is a sharp contrast to most of the films that are releasing today.Vidyasagar  has shown his intelligence in expressing the girls feelings with good compostion. This song is sung by  Karthick, Swetha and Yuga Bharathi.One aspect that is worth mentioning is that, this film is a sharp contrast to most of the films that are releasing today.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Nila Kaaigirathu- lyrics & Keyboard Notes

Indra is a Tamil movie directed by Suhasini Manirathnam. The film revolves around a group of villagers and their clash with a neighbouring village leader, as their community begins to prosper. Soon money and greed threaten a will for peaceful coexistence between the two rivalling communities. Although this movie was not a runaway success in Tami Nadu, it did well in Japan  upon  release.The daring lead lady of this movi Anu Hasan is the sister of suhasini.A.R.Rahmans musical touch has greatly helped the director to potray the impact created by the strong story line. Nila kaaigirathu song has two versions.One sung by Harini and the other by Hariharan. The “Ghazal King” has once again proved himself with his rich pitch and timbre.  

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Koncha Neram - Keyboard notes & Lyrics

Chandramukhi is a  horror,comedy  and drama directed by P.Vasu. It is a slightly deviated remake of the Malayalam film, Manichithrathazhu  and an exact remake of the Kanada blockbuster Apthamithra. The soundtrack and background score for the film, which later became successful enough to be released as a separate album, was composed by Vidyasagar. The legandary singer Asha bhosle has sung for a tamil movie after a along break. Madhu Balakrishnan's sweet voice is a added plus to this song.


Following its original release, Chandramukhi was successful enough to be released in several other languages. It was subsequently dubbed into Telugu. Later on, it became the first ever Tamil filim to be dubbed into Geraman and it was released in several German-speaking countries as Der Geisterjager (The Ghost Hunters). This movie was also dubbed and released in  Hindi named Bhool Bhulaiyaa, the Bollywood remake of Manichithrathazhu .

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jana Gana Mana, Indian National Anthen - keyboard notes

 I have been getting many critics and appreciating  comments from  all of you for posting keyboard notes and lyrics in this blog.I was also very happy with the things happening in my life. Especially, for the response an getting from my visitors and friends.It was all there only till I met a  10 year old boy who asked me " Anna (brother) why dint you never thought of posting the keyboard  notes of our NATIONAL ANTHEM? Arent you a patriotic Indian? I was dumb stuck and felt ashamed. I was totally embraced by his gesture.Then I realised that he was an Army officers son. This patriotism was not taught to him.He has it in his gene.I wondered why I failed to do this.This may look  like a small issue for many of you. But we should remember that, this statement was from a 10years old guy. Why everyone does not have this patriotism? Aren't we(including me) matured enough to think about this. People mail me  me and ask  keyboard notes for various cine songs. But none have asked for National anthem notes.So I have volunteered    to post the notes for our national anthem,else this blog would remain incomplete if I fail to do that.Here is  some brief info about INDIAN NATIONAL ANTHEM along with the notes. 

The song, Jana-gana-mana, composed originally in Bengali by Rabindranath Tagore, was adopted in its Hindi version by the Constituent Assembly as the National Anthem of India on January 24, 1950. It was first sung on December 27, 1911 at the Calcutta session of the Indian National Congress. The complete song consists of five stanzas.The playing time of the full version of the national anthem is approximately 52 seconds

The following is Tagore's English rendering of the anthem: 
Thou art the ruler of the minds of all people, dispenser of India's destiny. Thy name rouses the hearts of Punjab, Sind, Gujarat and Maratha, of the Dravida and Orissa and Bengal; It echoes in the hills of the Vindyas and Himalayas, mingles in the music of Jamuna and Ganges and is chanted by the waves of the Indian Sea. They pray for thy blessings and sing thy praise. The saving of all people waits in thy hand, thou dispenser of India's destiny. Victory, victory, victory to thee.

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Aankhon mein teri lyrics and keyboard notes - Om shanthi Om

Om Shanti Om  is a  Bollywood film directed and choreographed byFarah Khan. It stars Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone in the lead roles as the protagonists while Shreyas TalpadeArjun Rampal, and Kirron Kher feature in supporting roles. Arjun Rampal is the antagonist in the movie. More than forty two well-known Bollywood stars appear in the course of the film, including thirty of them (not including the stars of the film) in "Deewangi Deewangi"song.Deepika padukone won best feamle new comer award for this movie 

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lyrics for Manjal prasaadavum - Nakhakshathangal

 This National award winning song is composed by  Ravi Shankar Sharma, better known by his first name Ravi, is an Indian music director, who has composed music for several Hindi andMalayalam films. After a successful career in Hindi films, he took a break from 1970s to 1984, and made a successful comeback as Bombay Ravi.This song is sung by K.S.Chitra,one of my hot favourites amongst female singers. Her voice has a unique and rich timbre which I really enjoy. Till now she has won 6 national awards(guess am right) and she got her 2nd National Award for this song in 1987. 

Monisha Unni, who made her presence known in this very first  film.She was only 15 years old when she won the National Film Award for Best Actress for the  film Nakhashathangal.That made her the only actor to get a National Award for the debuting film and the youngest actor to achieve the feat.

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Lyrics for Parayathe ariyathe - Udayananu Tharam

Udayananu Tharam  is a 2005 Malayalam movie which presents the South Indian  film industry through a satirical viewpoint. The financial and artistic crisis which plagued the once glittering Malayalam film industry during the turn of the 21st century lies at the centerpoint of this movie. The film which appears to have resemblance to two Hollywood movies Bowfinger and Big Fat Liar is, ironically, about plagiarism! Music is by Deepak Dev and all the songs were super hit in this filim. 

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Talattu Pada lyrics : Malaysian - tamil song

The famous trio from malayaisa Yogi B, Dr Burn, and Emcee Jesz have been the pioneer for the malaysia live Indian musicians. There are lot of fantastic  songs composed by malaysia live tamil music loving people.  I really dont understand why these songs are not aired in Indian music channels. It will create good future for the budding musicians.The flow of lyrics in this song is simple yet very powerfull. I guess the lyrisict, would have gone thro the hardship in his love battle :P  When I was browsing through youtube, I happened to hear this song. It was so soulfull and I started admiring Mr.Sidharthan, singer of this song.  So I thought of sharing this video with all my visitors, this what the maximim I can do for these great talents. Hatts off guys...! keep rocking...!

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Western notes 2 Carnatic notes

There have been requests for adding western notation for songs on this blog. I'm pressed by the response, so I'm just presenting the mapping between western notes and carnatic swaras. Check back in a month or two, and you'd sure find the western notations for each song that I upload. The carnatic swaras are as follows:
  • s - Shadjamam
  • r1 - Sudhdha Rishabam
  • r2 - Chatusruthi Rishabam
  • r3 - Shatsruthi Rishabam
  • g1 - Sudhdha Gaandhaaram
  • g2 - Saadhaarana Gaandhaaram
  • g3 - Anthara Gaandhaaram
  • m1 - Sudhdha Madhyamam
  • m2 - Prathi Madhyamam
  • p - Panchamam
  • d1 - Sudhdha Dhaivatham
  • d2 - Chatusruthi Dhaivatham
  • d3 - Shatsruthi Dhaivatham
  • n1 - Sudhdha Nishaadham
  • n2 - Kaisika Nishaadham
  • n3 - Kaakali Nishaadham
And here's the mapping: (Resourse : Internet)

Download Kavithai Gundar

Hip-hop, as a musical genre, has been tolerably explored in Tamil, by young composers like Yuvan and Dharan. Where they really scored is in the combination of hip-hop flavor with interesting tune patterns. That’s precisely where Emcee Jesz falters in Kavithai Gundar, a full-on, loud hip-hop attack. The exceptions are Thaniye, featuring Neha Bhasin and Vel vel, featuring Masta K, Kalai Kodi and Sara. The language is immaterial, since it’s anyway force-sung to standard rap-phrases. Where expressions and opinions took precedence in rap, here they sound gimmicky. All this Kavithai Gundar (transliterated from Lyrical Gangster!) deserves is just an encounter!

This Album has 13tracks : 

Aayutha Ezuthu Feat 

Bad Boy Feat 

Chahathey Feat (Hindi)

Enna Sangathy Feat 

Intro (Vetri Kalainjan) 

Kavithai Gundar Feat 

Khadal Kaviyeh Feat 

Look Wat Happened (HIV) Feat 

Nuvu Feat (Telugu) 

Thaniye Feat (Mumbai) 

Uptown Feat 

Vel Vel Feat 

Without You Feat 

Download songs 

Ladam songs download

Laadam starring Charmy Kaur and debutant Aravindhan, directed by Prabu SolomonKota Srinivasa Rao, Dheeraj Kher and Babu Antony also play prominent roles in the gangster-orientated thriller.Upon release the film was dubbed into the Telugu language as 16 Days.
Siru thodudhalile is pure, Dharan-style, free flowing goodness - a lovely melody with an unconventional structure and splendid vocals by Bombay Jayashree and Haricharan.Even the instrumental version is so appealing.Suchitra’s Atlantic oceanukku has absurd Tanglish, but the techno tune is neat. Gangster is hardcore, full-on rap and hip-hop with interesting interference in local Tamil - a bit too alien in structure and style for our comfort perhaps. Makkah is definitely catchy, with an assortment of kuthu and rap backgrounds, but using Hey Ganpat’s prominent hook is totally unexpected! Barring the continuing influence of Burn/ Jazz rap variety, Dharan has a nifty little soundtrack in Laadam.Guess his relationship with Yogi.B in his previous movie has really helped him to improve his rap music. 

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Janani Janani... Keyboard notes and lyrics

Janani Janani song from the movie "Thai Mookambikai" is a musical treat for Raja sir's fans and all devotional song lovers. This song was composed and sung by him. The vibrant voice with touch of feel will definitely stir the hearts of the people listening to it.In an interview Ilayaraja said that " I and my brother Gangai Amaran used to sing this song infront of the deity Mookambika before".This song is one of my all time favourite. 

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Malargale Malargale - Lyrics ,Keyboard notes & karoke

Love Birds movie was directed by P. Vasu. The film's score and soundtrack are composed by A. R. Rahman, with lyrics by Vairamuthu. Starring Prabhu Deva and Nagma, the film met with commercial success upon release, and the music of the film was specially appreciated. Prabhu Deva also provided the choreography in the film, viewed as another highlight. Apache Indian made a guest appearance in this film dacing alongside Prabhu Deva.The soundtrack features 5 songs composed by A. R. Hariharan and K. S. Chithra duo has provided another mindblowing master piece.

Sing along with karoke

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