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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rangeela re/Yaayire - Lyrics & Keyboard notes

Me (Bhargav) with Jackie Shroff

Rangeela, released in 1995 was and will ever be one of the finest works of art by its team of cast and crew members. This is a terrific combined effort from the team of Aamir Khan, Ram Gopal Varma and AR Rahman.This was A.R's first original score for a Hindi movie.From among all the slew of films that were made at that time, this one was the topgun and the undisputed champion. It is the fusion of the Reel and Real which enables this film to stand on its own philosophy.Above all, this is a perfect showcase of Aamir Khan's colorful personality in a role which is almost contrary to his own "known" character. I wonder if anybody else could have pulled out such a performance the way Aamir has done in this film.Ofcourse there is always the glamour and dance of Urmila to focus on and when that gets unrealistic, there is the jolt from the blue that transports the watcher out of the dream onto hard reality.

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Vizhiye Kathai Ezhuthu - Lyrics & Keyboard notes

Vizhiye... kathai ezhuthu, is a classic song from the movie Urimaikkural. The legendary composer M.S.Viswanathan has composed the song for which "Padma Bhushan" K.J.Yesudass has given his voice. He has seven national awards to his credits, which is a record no singer has equalled, let alone surpassed. His unparalleled record of winning state awards for best singer in five regional languages of India and winning National awards for best singer seven times in three languages places him among the most versatile singers India has ever seen.Awards get more respect when it reaches this mastero's hands.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yamunai Aatrile - Lyrics & Keyboard notes

I just see this movie as an another feather to the success cap of Manirathnam, director and Ilayaraja, who has scored the lively music for this movie(Thalapathi).The story is about a fight between two brothers (Rajnikanth and Arvindswamy) is a classy version on modern Mahabbaratha, and its truly unique. Maniratnam has adapted the screenplay to the modern version and it's really awesome.Though "Yamunai Aatrile" is a small song, its a classic composition from the mastero.Ilayaraja tried reaching national audience by making Mithali, a hindi singer to sing this song.For me it's the best gangster movie with the right mixture of friendship theme ever made in India. I Just love this movie for the way each and every charactors are potrayed.

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Adhisaya raagam - Lyrics & Keyboard notes

Aboorva Raagangal is the Tamil movie directed by the legendary director K.balachandar with "Super Star" in a supporting role and "Universal Hero" as the hero. In this movie kamal plays a then, modern youth who believes in violence and falls in love with an older woman, whose daughter on the other end of the city falls in love with kamals dad. While Rajinikanth plays a cancer patients role.This is a a brilliant and unorthodox work by K.B,which challenged Indian social mores. This film was also actor Rajinikanth's debut and Kamal Hassan's first major hit.K.J.Yesudas has sung this song "Athisaya Raagam", which was a super duper hit of 70's.It has to be noted that this movie has won the National Award in the year 1976.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kodai kala katre - Lyrics & Keyboard notes

Kodai kala katre is the song from the movie Panner Pushpangal,directed by K.Vasu in early 80's. It is about a high school romance set in a hills station school located in ooty.This super hit melody is sung by Malaysia Vasudevan. Malaysia Vasudevan’s entry in to Tamil Music as a Singer was rather sudden.He recorded his first song for the movie 16 vayathinile.However his modulation in voice enticed the audience that Ilayaraaja started using him for variety of songs. He has sung many songs for various music directors though primarily for Ilayaraja until early 90s since his debut in 1977. The fact is that, he has sung nearly 8,000 songs in Tamil and over 4,000 songs in other South Indian languages to his credit.He has also sung few songs in Hindi. He has been awarded "Kalaimamani" by the Tamil Nadu Government.

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Vaarayo Vennilave - Lyrics & keyboard notes

Movie : Missiyamma
Song : Vaarayo Vennilave
Music Director: Rajeswara Rao
Singers: P.Leela
Lyricist : T.N. Ramiah Das

Since its a very old movie,I don have much idea abt this song as well as the singe . Am posting this song notes as one of my visitor requested it.I can feel some magic in this singers voice. This song has got that flavour for remix. Because of this lively and peppy lyrics many Malaysian-Tamil rapers have tried remixing this this song and had succeeded in their deed.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Airtel Super Singer Junior 2

The most awaited programme of the south "Airtel Super Singer Junior" is gonna kick start by next week (22nd june). Am as eager like you guys to see the young and fresh talents of Tamil Nadu.Auditions for this program has already got over. And the bunch of children from different parts of the state like Salem,Trichy,Chennai and Coimbatore are geared up to explore their talents.This time the most enticing criteria of the show would be the prize money. Yes, the winner is going to be awarded the sum of rupees 25 lacs. Bigger than what their seniors won.But I think its too less when we compare it with the ammount of popularity this shows gives to such budding talents.To all our surprise, the latest buzz is that DD (Divya Dharshini - Jodi No. 1 fame) is expected to host this season of the show.DD is known for her energetic compiering.But I dont no how far she is going to fill up Chinmayi's place. Both seems to be great in their own ways. With the heap of expectations a grand season of ASS-2 is about to start. So dont miss to tune yourself...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Thamizha Thamizha - Lyrics & Keyboard notes

Roja is directed by Mani Ratnam.The film was subsequently dubbed in Hindi,Malayalam & Marathi.The film won three National filim Awards, including Best Filim on National Integration, catapulting Ratnam to national acclaim. The film also gained international acclaim with its nomination for Best Film at the Moscow International Filim Festival. The film was recently re-released for international audiences in light of the growing fear of terrosit attacks across the world. It is considered as one of the best films from the Indian film industry in the 1990s.Mani gave chance for the "Mozart of Madars" A.R.Rahman to score music and soundtrack, who debuted as a music director with this film. This soundtrack is among the "10 Best Sound Tracks" of all time listed byTime magazine, issued in 2005.

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Love birds,Love birds - Keyboard notes & Lyrics

Anbe Vaa is a tamil film starring M.G.Ramachandran and Saroja Devi in the lead role. The film was released in the year 1966.The plot of this movie is broadly based on the English Movie "Come September", which features Rock Hudson and Gina Lollobrigida. This movie revolves around the life style of an Industrialist.M.S.Viswanathan has scored the music.P.Susheela has sung this song (Love birds..Love birds..)The 2003 tamil film Lesa Lesa was partially based on Anbe Vaa.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kumari penin ullathile - Lyrics & Keyboard notes

M.G.R @ his young age.

Kumari pennin ullathilae song is yet another hit from MGR - Viswanathan duo from the movie "Engal Veetu Pillai". No one needs an intro about Bharath Ratna M.G.R. He had huge fan following unlike any other actor in this world.A few facts about him - Making his film debut in 1936, in the film Sati Leelavathi, directed by Ellis Dungan, an American born film director, MGR did not attain great popularity until he got his big breakthrough in the 1947 film Rajakumari which was a super hit making him a top hero in Kollywood and one of the most successful in Indian Cinema history, the script for Rajakumari was written by Karunanidhi. He rose to stardom by playing characters that portrayed him as the saviour of the poor. His movies were the medium of communication for the Dravidian movement. For the next twenty-five years he remained the biggest celebrity in Tamil cinema and the most famous and worshiped man in Tamil nadu. Movies like Madurai Veeran, a champion of the Tamil Devars. His star power did not diminish even after he was shot by fellow actor M. R. Radha (Mohan R. Radha), affecting his ability to speak clearly. Even then he undauntedly carried on only to give box-office hit after hits, later paving way for his entry into poiltics. He won the national award in the best actor category for the film Rickshakaran while his filmdom rival Sivaji Ganesan who was considered better actor than him didn’t win it even once as a Hero (Sivaji Ganesan won the national award towards end of his career in Dhevar Magan). His Movie “Nadodi Mannan” (produced & directed by MGR and first released in 1956) released in 2006 ran house full shows in Tamil Nadu for 14 weeks. 

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Munbe vaa- Lyrics & Keyboard notes

You cannot keep a good thing bottled up for long. A.R.Rahman’s Sillunu Oru Kaadhal is a good example.The master of techno-orchestration and stylized melodies has shown fine form.Rahman has used few fresh voices besides himself rendering a number with aplomb.The thing about Rahman is his feel for lilt and get that in ample measure in almost all the songs of this movie. Beginning with husky voice of Shreya Ghoshal, the song has minimal instrumentation and Rahman lets the romantic lyric do the talking. Steps in Naresh Iyer with his gentle voice. The combination is ethereal. Again vintage stuff. Provides the feel of sitting alone and enjoying a wet December morning. It touches the heart straightaway. Hats off, Rahman.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Valarntha Kalai (Kaathiruntha Kangal) - Lyrics & keyboard notes

I have decided  to post notes of yester year songs throughout this month.And I have named it "MSV special." popularly known as "Mellisai Mannar"(The King of Light Music),M.S.Viswanathan has scored music for more than 1000 movies in Tamil,Telugu and Malyalam. It is true fact.Despite his Keralite background, he established a prolific film music composing career in the Tamil filim industry. He along with his friend T.k.Rammoorthy, dominated film music composing in the South Indian film industry during the 1960s and 1970s.This duo is well known as Viswanathan - Rammorthy.Being a versatile singer, he also has 500 songs to his credit.He is not only known for his excellency in music but also for his short temperment.It is heard that,even the best singer would get pissed off infront of this legendary composer.He recieved Kalaimamani and doctrate for his contribution to music.Valarntha Kalai song from Kaathiruntha Kangal is one of his dedication to the Tamil filim industry.The grace of his music is the sheer example for his passion towards the music.  

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Kaalangalil aval vasantham - Lyrics & Keyboard notes

Being pissed off after listening to some of the recent releases. Now am presenting you the notes of Kalangalail aval vasantham, a 60's song from the Tamil movie "Pava Mannipu".  Chevalier Shivaji Ganesan, M.R.Radha, Savithri, Gemini Ganesan and Devika  co-star in this complicated melodrama. The movie is about the actions of one dishonest man and the effect they have on the next generation. P.B.Srinivas has given his voice for Gemini Ganesan in this song. Kalangalail.. is a very pleasant and soothing melody by "Mellisai Mannar"  M.S.Visvanathan. Now I realise why do people say "Old is Gold."This song is a real detication for the lover by the hero.

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sangeetha jathi mullai (Kadhal Oviyam) - Lyrics

Now am posting Lyrics for "Sangeetha Jaathi Mullai" song from the movie Kadhal oviyam.It is a pure classical song sung by Padmashree Dr.S.P.Balasubramaniyam.The rendition of  swaras at the end,is the best of the best from SPB.Music is composed by Ilayaraja and the lyrics by Vairamuthu.It is noted that,Ilayaraja had requested SPB to sing this song but he first refused earlier  due to his busy schedule.Later he  agreed to sing on condition that recording will be done only  by 10AM. The recording finally was over at 3pm on the same day. Now a days, this song is mostly sung in many reality shows. Many fail to give justice to their selection  and some do get distinction, depending on their individual  credits.One really needs sone special talent to sing this song.But none can expect to  match this legend. 

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Ajesh - Airtel Super Singer 2008

Finally the Airtel Super Singer 2008 came to an end yesterday... And as the whole Chennai was expecting,it got over the way I wanted. Ajeesh was declared the AIRTEL SUPER SINGER of 2008.Being a passionate music lover, I have been following this program regularly and I really feel for happy for this easy going singer, Ajeesh. I have seen this guy performing in many Intra-college competitions and believe me, this guy has hell a lot of fan following where ever he goes(especially girls).He is a second year student of Loyola College,Chennai.I first saw his promising performance last year in vijay tv's EQ 2 shooting, an another talent hunt show for college students.And within a year he has become a famous personality in the city.He sang "sangeetha Jaathi mullai" song which made Krishnamoorthi,Airtel Super Singer Junior to win the title. Though yesterdays performance was comparitively not upto Krish's performance. We cant blame Ajeesh as the event went live unlike ASS junior.

Ravi, who won second place was at his best.But to his bad luck he couldn't collect much votes.This was very clear when the DD anounced the difference of votes between Ajeesh and Ravi(out of 5 lacs and odd votes, Ajeesh got 2 lacs 50 thousand plus votes)And coming to Renu,I would blame Renu for her loss. Though she has very good voice and dynamics,she failed to choose the correct song for the finals.But its definite that, all these three singers will have very bright future as a playback singers.It would be incomplete for me, if I fail to congratulate Prasanna and Ranjini who gave their heart out for Sreenivas own composition.We really missed you in the finals guys.Hatts off...!Keep reaching great heights!!!

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Airtel Super Singer (ASS) 2008 Videos

There are many reality shows happening around the city. Though this format is copied from the western channels, some of them stay unique for the quality of participants that show has... 

The time has come  to choose the Airtel Super singer 2008. Who's gonna get a chance to sing in Yuvan's Music? who's gonna get that bumper prize? This is the recent buzz among the music fanatics. Super Singer has been a great platform for the budding singers to exhibit their talents. And Vijay tv is working hard to bring out the best talents in the city. Among the thousands of participants, the four finalists Ajeesh,Ravi and Renu had proved their best to reach this level. The grand final  is going to be held on  june 3rd.So its now our duty to acknowledge these young talents with our immense support. 

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