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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Adhisaya raagam - Lyrics & Keyboard notes

Aboorva Raagangal is the Tamil movie directed by the legendary director K.balachandar with "Super Star" in a supporting role and "Universal Hero" as the hero. In this movie kamal plays a then, modern youth who believes in violence and falls in love with an older woman, whose daughter on the other end of the city falls in love with kamals dad. While Rajinikanth plays a cancer patients role.This is a a brilliant and unorthodox work by K.B,which challenged Indian social mores. This film was also actor Rajinikanth's debut and Kamal Hassan's first major hit.K.J.Yesudas has sung this song "Athisaya Raagam", which was a super duper hit of 70's.It has to be noted that this movie has won the National Award in the year 1976.

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Varun said...

Song: Adhisaya raagam
Film: Aboorva raagangal
Notes: s r1 g3 p n2 S
C C# E G A# C

IS THIS RITE ???....
S... R1... why G3 ???... it is G2 i thot.....and p ... n2 ??? isnt it N1 ... ???....

E is g2 and
a# is N1...

rite ???

Varun said...

Song: Adhisaya raagam
Film: Aboorva raagangal
Notes: s r1 g3 p n2 S
C C# E G A# C

and s g3 p n2 s this shud be the scale i thot .. is there a Ri at all ???

Bhargav.C said...

Hi varun,

have u tried playing it? In case u feel this is wrong even after that, jus buzz me again. I dont ve my keys rite now to check this :)

And regarding your doubt in western to carnatic conversion.Pls go thro my post on this